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Thursday, December 12 2013

As the temperatures continue to decrease day after day, do you ever find yourself wishing you had a big, cozy fireplace to cuddle up next to? I know I do!  Although you may only think of fireplaces as huge brick or cement center pieces to rooms, there are many other designs than just this traditional design.  Some not so traditional designs could be used in your house to change the mood or comfort of the room.  Some interesting fireplace designs we liked are listed below!

This different type of fireplace is actually portable and can be used indoors or outdoors, by the use of an ethanol burner.  This rocket ship like fireplace would be perfect in a home with a more modern feel to it.  With the capabilities of movement, this fireplace can go wherever you want to go; if you need it inside for the winter but then want it to stay on the deck for the summer then you can! No restrictions here!

This scenic fireplace can look great in any urban home!  With an ethanol flame burning between the two plates of steel, this fireplace takes a turn on the traditional fireplace that we all might know of.  This scenic fireplace can aid in the imaginative mind or arsonist habits with the flame igniting light within the city scape.

While this fireplace isn’t as different in design as the others, it has a great new feature that can be used anywhere.  With using a smart phone as the remote, you can control the temperature and turn it on and off even if you are in a remote area; so, if you left your house and forgot to turn it off, problem solved, it’s all part of your phone now!  Along with this awesome smartphone feature, the elongated design produces a lot of heat.  The efficient design allows 90% of the heat to be pushed back into your house taking full advantage of the space it takes up.  This type of fireplace could be a great fit in any kind of home, especially if you are tech savvy. 

Although all of the mentioned fireplaces have been great, the traditional fireplace is always a safe and popular choice.  These fireplaces range in types, styles, and materials but are always a nice addition to any home.  It constantly makes the room feel warmer in look and feel. At Chicago Chimney we can service any type of fireplace and help with new fireplace construction and design. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

Article written by Sam at DigitalParc

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