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Thursday, November 21 2013

Make your fireplace the room’s focal point with the right colors, 

textures, and furnishings throughout the area. The proper room 

accents can draw attention to the fireplace so that it is the room’s 

primary showcase.

Choosing the right wall colors

When choosing wall paint, find the ideal background color palette 

for the fireplace. The surrounding walls must be neutral but 

dynamic in order to achieve slight contrast with the fireplace. 

Next, give the fireplace the chance to pop. Choose a different 

color for the wall supporting the fireplace. This allows the 

fireplace to be the room’s center point. An example for a gray 

stone fireplace would be to paint the surrounding walls a soft ivory 

and the wall behind the fireplace a dark, rich blue. This forces the 

fireplace to get noticed. 

Choosing the right furniture placement

Take advantage of the fireplace in the room. Set up the room 

with the right furniture to properly focus attention and create 

extra seating. The most functional technique is the U-shape 

grouping. Center the sofa across from the room’s center point to 

give the fireplace an anchoring effect. Next, finish the U-shape by 

mirroring chairs, ottomans, tables, or stools on both sides. This 

forces the room’s interest on your beautiful fireplace. 

Choosing the right window treatments

The natural light will only accentuate the fireplace. In order to 

achieve good natural light within a room, the proper window 

treatments are necessary. First, choose a drape color and pattern 

that will accent the stonework on the fireplace. Aim for the same 

theme or feel. Next, choose a blind color that is neutral and allows 

you to control the amount of light entering the room. This two-

toned look will not only accent the fireplace and its stonework, but 

also allow you to control the amount of light needed to highlight 

the center point fireplace. 

Choosing the right accessories 

A fireplace is in need of personality. The accessories you choose 

to embellish the focal point create the ambiance for the room. 

Think of your fireplace as an empty canvas. Add decorations that 

standout in color. Add pieces that emphasize the room’s theme. 

Add accessories that bring a personal touch to the fireplace. By 

drawing attention with interesting pictures, beautiful flowers, or 

antique ornaments the fireplace is allowed to be the room’s biggest 


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