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Tuesday, November 05 2013

With winter just around the corner, it's no surprise that we have been very busy!  We have been working with many clients to ensure their fireplaces will be top notch for the winter ahead.  During the month of October we kept busy with numerous projects in many different areas.

Earlier in October, we worked on a home in River Forest; we made a custom lining shaped to fit their chimeny making sure we maximized the size we were able to use.  Chimney linings are used to prevent degradation of chimney structure caused by moisture in the flue, water damage to interior house walls, or condensations leakage through chimney thimbles and cleanout doors, just to name a few.

Another couple projects we worked on were a chimney demolition in South Barrington and an installation of stainless steel lining Oak Park.  We tore the whole chimney apart in South Barrington and built it back up, upgrading it to ensure top quality for this winter.  The chimney lining in Oak Park was actually a whole chimney rebuild; we used the stainless steel lining to make sure the chimney wouldn't see any issues with water damage or degradation.  We also installed a stainless steel liner for their boiler and water heater for the same obvious reasons.

One of the bigger projects we had was working with chimney deterioration in Northern Chicago where it serves as the venting to the water heater and boiler for four units.  The deterioration was evident and it was clear that it needed a new liner to help ventilate the appliances and stop deterioration to the inner structure and exterior bricks on the chimney.


We are continuing to stay busy this fall so if you need any chimney help, be sure to contact Chicago Chimney & Fireplace Co. at 708-358-0505 & Website.

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